Some of our super cool project partners include:

You need high-quality instructional design, but don't have the internal resources to make it happen.

We feel your pain.

  • You want high-quality AND affordable training, a combo that can feel impossible.

  • You don't have the time to vet a million freelance ID resumes.

  • You don't have the staff to keep tabs on EVEN MORE projects during already hectic days.

  • You just want to get to the point and not deal with another stuffy, bureaucratic organization.

  • You want to contribute to the greater good, help people live their career dreams, but also get your work done...well.

We staff your instructional design projects (and can even run them) so you have more time (and sanity) for the rest of your to-do list.

You can rest assured that when you work with IDLance, you are guaranteeing your project's success.

We have a community of experienced instructional designers at our fingertips, and there's bound to be someone (or a whole team!) that's ready, willing, and able to fill your training needs. 

The Head Honchos regularly check in with both the clients and the IDLancers to make sure all is going well. If (on the rare occasion!) there's any glitch in the matrix, they're ready to jump in, support, and make any adjustments necessary to get the project done on time, on budget, and with no hassle. 

Clients know that when they work with an IDLancer, they're tapping into something greater than any individual freelancer. 

They're getting the support of an entire organization that cares so much it keeps the success of IDs and clients at the forefront, cutting (dare we say 'lancing?) away all unnecessary hoopla that gets in the way.

No hoopla, no secrets, just IDLance love. Oh, and top-notch training, too.

Our current partners love us, and we hope you will, too!

On time, on budget, no hassle.

  • Adaptable and experienced IDLancers to serve as an extension of your team OR lead a project, soup-to-nuts (now we're hungry!).

  • When you work with us, you're not just getting a random freelancer... you're ensuring your project's success.

  • Each project receives oversight from the Head Honchos who provide mentorship to each IDLancer assigned to work on your stuff.

Here's what they're sayin'...

“The folks at IDLance were very helpful and contributed to the success of our very large project (22 technical modules!) that needed to be created on a fast paced time schedule to meet our clients needs.

We reached out to Parker and he responded quickly with a technical writer that fit the bill. Chris Syracuse was very dedicated to the project, and his technical expertise was impressive, as well as his ability to create some technical graphics to support the content. He had good ideas for interactivity, and kept the audio script short and concise, just how we like it.

I feel confident that we can count on IDLance in the future when we need additional instructional designers to help us create engaging eLearning. ”

Dynamic Training Resources, LLC

Heidi Strangberg

“IDLance—where do I start?! Within a span of a couple months these brainiacs managed to learn an entire new lingo (infant hearing tests and more), read between the lines of what we needed, and turn out 3(!) beautiful and easy-to-digest training modules. They worked tirelessly to make this final product exactly what we wanted (without us even knowing what we wanted). After showing our training modules to others, we’ve had multiple organizations ask for their contact information so they can use their services as well. To say I’d highly recommend IDLance is an understatement. They are knowledgeable, fast-working, and so creative!”

Access to Language

Melanie Carter Morris, Au.D.

“This was our first time working beside a design team. IDLance listened to our needs, dug deep to fully understand what we wanted to accomplish, and then created products that FAR SURPASSED our expectations. The team was available, knowledgeable, courteous, down to earth, and showed a passion that matched our own. We will be using their talents again.”

Program Director at the Katherine Hamm Center, Atlanta Speech School

Erica Jones

I’m Laine, the IDLance biz development manager. Book some time with me to learn more about us and see how we can get this party started!

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Who the heck are we?

Dr. Parker Grant, Co-Founder of IDLance, has 21 years of corporate experience as an engineer, instructional designer, eLearning developer, trainer, and training manager. He also has 13 years’ experience as an independent consultant. He earned his B.S./M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, M.S. in Educational Technology, and a Ph.D. in Adult & Experiential Learning. After three decades in the L&D industry, Dr. Grant brings a wealth of experience in identifying the top ID and development talent. As IDLance continues to grow its community of experienced IDs, developers, and media talent, Dr. Grant uses his experience to mentor and vet “the best” who can be at the ready to serve clients looking for staffing support during their busiest times.

Dr. Parker Grant

Co-Head Honcho

Who the heck are we?

Andrea McEneaney, Co-Founder of IDLance, has 10 years of corporate and 11 years of higher ed experience as a recruiter, instructional designer/technologist, educator, writer, and community-builder. She's been in the freelance game for 5 years as an independent learning consultant, writer, social media manager, and webmaster. She has an M.Ed. in Learning & Tech, an MA in Media Studies, and a BA in History, Education, & Dramatic Lit. Andrea has never found a problem she couldn't solve or a client she couldn't help. She uses her experience and energetic, warm demeanor to help clients feel supported, knowing they will be getting top-notch freelancers, high quality learning products, and an experience they'll always remember fondly (at least that's the goal!).

Andrea McEneaney

Co-Head Honcho