It's your dream to leave the classroom and district politics behind or start side-gigging as a freelance ID... but you're terrified.

You want to do it right, but you're not sure where to start or whom to trust for advice.

We feel your pain.

  • You're overloaded with paperwork, unrealistic expectations, and non-existent work-life boundaries. You need a change.

  • You're sick of endless faculty meetings, irrelevant professional development, and time-consuming activities that aren't helping you fulfill your passion - teaching people!

  • You want to fulfill your love of learning and learner empowerment, and you want a supportive community where you know you can BE YOURSELF around like-minded others, not have to kiss any butts, and have an ever-present sounding board for all your ideas and snafus.

We help you navigate the wild, wonderful, and sometimes intimidating world of freelance instructional design through a practical (but still fun!) curriculum, awesome collection of templates and resources, and an ever-lovin' community.

What makes us different?

  • Our stuff is completely self-paced.

    You never have to be at your computer at a certain time for any reason. Listen, we live in a time where cancelled plans are a celebrated occurrence. We know what it’s like to be completely motivated to do something, only to lose all energy the minute someone else tells us when we have to do it.

  • Once you become a full-fledged member, you get all the things…immediately.

    You can jump around between modules and lessons, finding the info you need at the exact moment you need it. There’s no time-release function where you have to wait until you’re 28 days into the course to learn how to file your business entity.

  • We’re always adding to the stuff and the things.

    Just because there may be “x” modules when you sign up, doesn’t mean there will be the same # of modules next month. In fact, you’ll continue to receive new lessons to peruse. We’re committed to bringing you fresh content on the regular and updating older content when it gets stale.

Be the master of your own work (and life!).

Transition your mad skillz as a teacher to freelance instructional design with IDLance!

  • Say goodbye to bureaucracy and hello to balance - as a freelancer, you are in control of your time, your priorities, your shower schedule, and your destiny. We provide the business tips and you'll realize that you really can have it all.

  • Use your creativity and fulfill your passion for learning when you join our community of like-minded peoples and gain exposure to all the possibilities of instructional design. We'll be there for you! clapclapclapclap

  • Be treated like a professional and achieve a higher salary as you learn how to manage multiple contracts at once with our curriculum. Having your precious eggs in multiple baskets means fewer restless nights and more earning potential.


So what will you get when you entrust your, freelance ID us?

An empathetic, fun, and helpful community of freelies you can rely on - you'll never feel alone with this group chat full of the world's best work BFFs. 

We've also got a Teachers Lounge channel, just for people like you.

In our community you get the FIRST look at all our glorious GIG ALERTS! We post what we're hiring for, and our members post any goodies they come across, as well. It's a virtual smorgasbord of opportunity!

Along with work tips, open dialogue, and gig alerts, we also like to blow off some steam. So if answering, "Which celebrity fan cruise would you rather attend, Flava Flav or Bret Michaels?" sounds like something that could give you a LOL or two of stress relief, come join us!

FREE?! You heard that right! So... what are you waiting for?

You get 7 days to check out all the goods that the Premium Membership has to offer for FREE, for realsies.

If we're not your cup of tea - no prob - all you gotta do is cancel your subscription in your Account.

After the 7 days, it's only a $15 per month investment to build the freelance life of your dreams. That costs way less than you spend during one hour of an existential crisis-induced rage shopping spree.

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Here's what they're sayin'...

“I taught Preschool and Special Ed for fifteen years. I loved it but I just wasn’t earning enough. In addition I really wanted to be able to work from home, as my son had gotten to the age where he didn’t need a babysitter but he was too young to stay home alone all day. I studied instructional design and eLearning development and ultimately decided that I wanted to be a freelancer.

I am so grateful that I learned about IDLance. Their self-paced courses taught me so much about freelancing. I connected with their great community and even found freelance gigs through them!

Instructional design is incredibly interesting work. Freelancing gives me the freedom to do a wide variety of projects as well as to pick and choose which jobs I take. I am able to work on my own schedule. I am so glad that I have IDLance to guide me on my freelancing journey!”

Former Preschool Teacher Charlottesville, VA

Jeanne P.

“Transitioning out of teaching into freelance instructional design work was anything but easy. While I learned a lot on my own, I couldn’t sustain freelancing in the way I envisioned, and ended up back in full-time work. IDLance has proven to be a fun, no frills way to return to freelancing – this time with a support system. While reading through their modules, I’ve chuckled at mistakes I made in the past and walked away with some ‘ah-ha’ moments in terms of how to be a more effective freelancer. The easy-going nature of IDLance also makes me feel that freelancing is not some insurmountable goal that can only be achieved by a proud few.”

Former Middle School Teacher Boston, MA

Lenz Bayas

“I’ve been so blessed to have this terrific team at my back. We’re all connected through Slack, which keeps us all up to date with potential jobs. #gig-alerts

The best part about IDLance is that it brings together pedagogues and instructional specialists, forming a community of freelancers dedicated to the design and development of effective educational programs world-wide.”

High School Teacher, New York

Dani M.


An ever-growing library full of practical and proven templates, calculators, and video interviews to keep your business movin' and shakin'.

Stuck on formatting your invoice? Wondering how not to sound awkward in a LinkedIn message? Look no further! We've got lots of templates to give you a starting point for a freelance ID life's most tedious, confusing, and intimidating tasks.

Pricing, budgets, estimation... all topics that can make your eyes roll into the back of your head. But good news for you! We've got some custom eLearning calculators and spreadsheets to help you make sure you're charging the right amount for your specific projects. Gotta make sure you can afford your ravenous cheez its and funyons habit!

Do you like hearing from REAL people doing REAL things? Are you sick of sorting through all the "experts" who have actually only freelanced for about 6 months but now they're selling their "how-to" courses for hundreds? Well, you're in luck! We have fun, engaging, and insightful interviews with actual working freelance instructional designers. Learn about their loves, losses, successes, and insider tips for running an independent learning business.

Try us on for size, for free! (BTW we mean the membership... not some creepy skin suit or something...)

You get 7 days to check out all the goods that the Premium Membership has to offer for FREE, for realsies.

Think our energy is "too much" or just not feeling it? We won't be offended - just cancel in Your Account to say byeeee.

Once the 7 days are up, it's $15 a month to stay connected to your new work BFFs, exclusive gig alerts, and the ever-evolving recipe for a successful instructional design freelance life. $15 a month is probably way less than you spend in a day on your bougie coffee habit. (No judgment here from the sippers of Iced Mayan Mochas.)

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Brain Food
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24/7 access to the freelance business-running knowledge and step-by-steps you need, when you need it, and written in a way that doesn't bore you to tears.

Who the heck are we?

Andrea is a writer, instructional designer, technologist, consultant, drummer, artist, and reformed stand-up comedian. Obsessed with/working in instructional design since 2015, she’s the co-head honcho of IDLance with Parker. Parker gave Andrea her first freelance instructional design gig (ever!). BA from NYU in History, Education & Dramatic Lit (lolz), MA in Media Studies from The New School, and M.Ed. in Learning & Tech from Western Governors University. Stuff she digs: Lifetime movies, drawing, Second Line music, momming, Indian take-out leftovers, sparkling wine, and making YouTubes for kids under her alter ego "Zeldy" (Zeldy's House). Please join IDLance so she can someday open her own waterpark called The Bayou. All IDLance members will receive a discount.

Andrea McEneaney

Co-Head Honcho

Who the heck are we?

Parker is an instructional designer, eLearning developer, cartoonist, and learning consultant in the L&D community. He’s also the brainchild and co-founder of IDLance. He worked for a Fortune 50 company for over 21 years as an engineer, trainer, instructional designer, and training manager before starting his own consulting biz in 2008. He earned his M.S. in Educational Technology and a Ph.D. in Adult Learning with a specialization in mental models and concept mapping. Stuff he digs: drawing (duh), running on the trails, traveling, golfing, spending time with family and friends (including 4 teenage kids who constantly eat him out of house and home) – please subscribe to IDLance so you can pay for their Dorito habits.

Parker Grant

Co-Head Honcho