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Cut Yourself Some Slack.

Let's be honest; freelancing often feels like a solo journey. We're not here to feed you sweet little lies, and you probably figured this one out on your own already. Unless you're a solitary cave-dweller named Gollum. In that case, freelancing might be your dream gig. Just remember to claim the One Ring on your self-employment taxes!

We're familiar with that lonely feeling, which is exactly why we started our Slack community in the first place! We may be biased, but you won't find a kinder, more empathetic, resourceful, knowledgable, brave, funny, chill group of people anywhere else on Al Gore's internet. Over 800 of 'em!

Just look at this beautiful Polaroid of our gang hanging out together in 2023. It's not AI-generated, and it's definitely not cursed. Embrace the spirit of YOLO and join us today!

Reasons to Join


Get first dibs on super cool gigs with even cooler clients! We post 'em regularly. Heck, you may even get a gig from a fellow Slacker in need of a hand.


Having access to a cool, welcoming community right at your fingertips is a great way to make budz from the comfort of your couch.


Being an ID freelie can be stressful at times! Sometimes you just want to cut loose, go on a rant, or have some giggles. All three are welcome here!!


Where the heck else are you going to get instant access to a group of experienced professionals who are willing, happy, and eager to lend a hand? Have a highly specific question? Stuck in a rut? Technical issues? We're happy to put our noggins together to help ya out!


Sure, we all love our alone time, but we don't recommend going it TOTALLY alone as an ID freelie. Reach your goals faster through a network of cheerleaders and accountability budz.


Boost your confidence and establish your industry reputation! Improve your hard and soft skills! Test out your brand-new stand-up material with a captive audience!

We Have a Craig!

Meet Craig McMichael! Craig is our Director of Community Engagement, a Certified IDLancer, a sports enthusiast, an instructional designer, a freelancer, and an all-around great guy.

If you're nervous about joining a new community, you really shouldn't be. Craig's in there! Just look at him. He's the best.

Craig's always been a vital part of our community, and as of 2024, he'll be heading up all the cool workshops, events, and happenings in our Slack community.

We've got a friend in Craig, and now you can too! You didn't hear it from us, but he loves being called "The Craigster." He'll be THRILLED we told you about this. Gosh, he loves it so much.

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