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Hint: we're talkin' about you.


You want high-quality AND affordable training, a combo that can feel impossible!


You don't have the time to vet a million freelance ID resumes.


You don't have the staff to keep tabs on EVEN MORE projects during already hectic days.


You just want to get to the point and not deal with another stuffy, bureaucratic organization.

Download the Official IDLance Handbook!

Download the Official IDLance Handbook!

Discover the IDLance difference! Dive into the official 2023 IDLance Handbook to learn who we are, what we do, and what we're all about! All in one spot. Fun!

Learn how our community of 500+ talented freelance instructional designers brings expertise and creativity to every project, spanning diverse industries. Discover how we tailor customized learning solutions that address your unique needs, delivering exceptional results on time and on budget. Uncover our thoughts on crucial questions like, "Is a hot dog a sandwich?"

If you have a burning question about IDLance and are interested in partnering with us, this is the place to start!


We thought you'd never ask.




We thought you'd never ask.



We staff your instructional design projects (and can even run them) so you have more time and sanity for the rest of your to-do list. You can rest assured that when you work with IDLance, you are guaranteeing your project's success.

We have a community of experienced instructional designers at our fingertips, and there's bound to be someone (or a whole team!) who's ready, willing, and able to fill your training needs.

The Head Honchos regularly check in with both the clients and the IDLancers to make sure all is going well. If (on the rare occasion!) there's any glitch in the matrix, they're ready to jump in, support, and make any adjustments necessary to get the project done.

Clients know that when they work with an IDLancer, they're tapping into something greater than any individual freelancer.

They're getting the support of an entire organization that cares so much it keeps the success of IDs and clients at the forefront of every project.

No hoopla, no secrets, just IDLance love. Oh, and top-notch training, too.

When you choose IDLance as your instructional design vendor, you’re actually supporting a community of freelancers who are eager to grow their own businesses.

We're an agency+. The + includes a thriving community, tons of resources, The IDLancer Certification Program, and mentorship. It’s our way of providing our IDs with free professional development, honing their skills, and making sure they're always on top of the latest trends. Not only does this help them succeed as business owners, but it makes them the best person for any job you need done.

So, when you work with us, you're not just investing in your project; you're investing in the future of many talented folks whom we could not be more proud of and inspired by every day.

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Geez, these are some cool project partners!

Client Testimonials

I had an incredible experience working with the IDLance team. They helped us deliver a best-in-class Kitchen Manager Development training program to Outback Steakhouse. Additionally, I developed life-long connections and friendships with the IDLancers I partnered with. They help me to continue to develop personally and professionally. I would recommend them to any business or organization looking for an exceptional freelance team!

Katie Shrum

Manager of Field Training and Development, Bloomin’ Brands International

Our partnership with the IDLance

team has been AWESOME. Their creativity, attention to detail, and impeccable execution across various use cases have directly impacted Arist course development, both for our customers and our internal course library. Everyone’s balanced blend of humor and professionalism invigorated the many projects we collaborated on, making each process from start to finish such a joy. The IDLance team excelled at bringing our projects to life, delivering results time and time again! Thank you, IDLance team!

Yuna Hur, M.S.Ed

Project Manager, LX


IDLance—where do I start?! Within a span of a couple months these brainiacs managed to learn an entire new lingo (infant hearing tests and more), read between the lines of what we needed, and turn out three beautiful and easy-to-digest training modules. They worked tirelessly to make this final product exactly what we wanted (without us even knowing what we wanted). After showing our training modules to others, we’ve had multiple organizations ask for their contact information so they can use their services as well. To say I’d highly recommend IDLance is an understatement. They are knowledgeable, fast-working, and so creative!

Melanie Carter Morris, Au.D.

Access to Language

The folks at IDLance were very helpful and contributed to the success of our very large project (22 technical modules!) that needed to be created on a fast paced time schedule to meet our clients needs. We reached out to Parker and he responded quickly with a technical writer that fit the bill. Chris Syracuse was very dedicated to the project, and his technical expertise was impressive, as well as his ability to create some technical graphics to support the content. He had good ideas for interactivity, and kept the audio script short and concise, just how we like it. I feel confident that we can count on IDLance in the future when we need additional instructional designers to help us create engaging eLearning.

Heidi Strangberg

Dynamic Training Resources, LLC

This was our first time working beside a design team. IDLance listened to our needs, dug deep to fully understand what we wanted to accomplish, and then created products that FAR SURPASSED our expectations. The team was available, knowledgeable, courteous, down to earth, and showed a passion that matched our own. We will be using their talents again.

Erica Jones

Program Director at the Katherine Hamm Center, Atlanta Speech School

Round Table Talks

Welcome to Round Table Talks, where we gather with our industry pals for a good old-fashioned chat on all things instructional design and eLearning. It's a cozy digital gathering where we kick back and chat about the latest trends, challenges, and innovations in our field.

Round Table Talks are all about sharing insights, learning from one another, and having a good time along the way. No suits of armor or formalities are required.

Meet Our Team


Parker Grant, Ph.D.

IDLance Co-Head Honcho, Proud Father and Grandfather, Part-time Magician.

Andrea Dottling, M.Ed.

IDLance Co-Head Honcho, Mom, and World's

Leading Vincent D'Onofrio Fan.

Ann York

Director of Business Development, Mom, Hiker, and Super Cool Person.

Allie York

Director of Learning Development and Devoted Mom to Baxter (pictured).

Meghan Traynor

Director of Social Media and Marketing, Baker-- Not That Meghan Trainor.


IDLance is positively proud to be partnered with Synthesia, Teamed, Arist, Thinkific, and 7taps! Through these strategic partnerships, we have been able to provide our clients with customized learning solutions that guarantee big results. We are committed to fostering these relationships and continuing to grow together for the benefit of our clients and the Learning and Development community at large.

Wondering how IDLance can support your organization?

We can help!

Wondering how IDLance can support your organization? Have other burning questions? We can help!