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Ya ever stop and think about how much crap you don't really have time for but absolutely need to do in order to "get paid for doing your literal job." The nerve! Hey, you know who does have time for crap? IDLance! Some people would say we have "nothing better to do," but we'd say that we're your time-saving, project-crushing partner in ID. Sounds way cooler.

We have a community of experienced instructional designers at our fingertips who are ready, willing, and able to fill your L&D needs. When you outsource your instructional design needs to IDLance, you're not signing up for just one instructional designer; you're getting a full freelancing squad. Think of it as assembling your very own team of Avengers for a project - Instructional Designers, eLearning Developers, QA Specialists, Graphic Designers, Voice Artists, Writers, and maybe even someone who likes to randomly dress up as Spider-Man every other Tuesday. We don't judge Todd.

Our goal is to free up your time for all the more important things you might not have time for—from little life pleasures to big career leaps. But hey, don't just believe us; believe the Fortune 500 companies we've been working with! They cover every industry you can think of and even some I didn't know existed - restaurant and hospitality industries, financial literacy non-profits, major internet communication platforms, clinical social outreach programs, higher ed, major ad agencies, and the food industries— each with their own unique timeline and budget. That’s a lotta crap!

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Our Managed Services

Looking for a learning solution? We can probably help you with that! Unless you're trying to teach your cat how to write novellas. Sadly, Senator Whiskers is still deficient in grammar, spelling, and semiotics. We'll get there.

Learning Solutions

We provide customized learning solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of Corporations, Higher Ed, Non-Profits, Government, and Medicine.

  • Design and development of customized learning solutions.
  • Curriculum and program development.
  • Instructional video and multimedia production.
  • Content curation and customization of existing training materials.

Staffing Solutions

We can manage and staff your entire ID project, from initial needs analysis to delivery and evaluation.

  • Instructional designers, QA pros, voice actors, graphic designers, writers, eLearning developers, project managers, and beyond!
  • Temporary staffing solutions for peak periods or specific projects.
  • Our loyalty and allegiance during the Zombie apocalypse.

Needs Analysis

We can conduct a comprehensive learning needs analysis to identify gaps in the knowledge, skills, and performance of your learners.

  • Analysis and assessment of training needs.
  • Consulting services for learning and development strategy, process improvement, and change management.
  • Gap analysis to identify discrepancies between current and desired performance.


We design effective, engaging, and interactive learning experiences using the latest technologies, so you never have to worry about falling behind.

  • Microlearning, mobile learning, gamification, AR/VR, and AI-- all in our wheelhouse!
  • Accessibility and inclusive design consulting.
  • LMS implementation and management.
  • Globalization and localization services.

Meet Our Team

One of us can grow a really impressive mustache.

Andrea Dottling, M.Ed.

IDLance Co-Head Honcho, Devoted Mom, and World's Leading Vincent D'Onofrio Fan.

Parker Grant, Ph.D.

IDLance Co-Head Honcho, Proud Father and Grandfather, Part-time Magician.

Craig McMichael

Director of Client & Community Engagement. Resident sportz guy.

Allie York

Director of Learning Design & Development and Super Mom to Baxter (pictured).

Meghan Traynor

Director of Social Media and Marketing, Baker-- Not That Meghan Trainor.

Ann York

Senior Project Manager, Mum, Hiker, and Super Cool Person.

Henk Campher

Slayer of Boring, Fractional CMO, Defender of Justice, and Rugby Enthusiast.

Rhiannon McAfee

QA Specialist, VO Artist, Book Nerd, and Devoted Robotics Mom.

Jonathan Dale

QA Specialist, Surfer, and Aspiring Boulevardier.

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Discover the IDLance difference! Dive into the official IDLance Client Handbook to learn who we are, what we do, and what we're all about! All in one spot. Fun!

Success Stories

Hey, these clients and freelancers seem to think we're pretty cool! Check out some success stories from community members and satisfied customers.


We've been able to provide our clients with customized learning solutions that guarantee big results through these strategic and blissful partnerships!


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Wondering how IDLance can support your organization?

Wondering how IDLance can support your organization?

Meet Craig McMichael, our Director of Client and Community Engagement! Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Craig is a sports lover and a learning designer and strategist. He would love to connect with you to learn more about your needs and how IDLance can make your life a little bit easier.

He's super nice! Just look at him. He's just sitting by the phone waiting to hear from you. Give him a call!