IDLance is honored to call these cool folks our partners!

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Where ID Meets AI.

IDLance is proud to be a certified Synthesia service provider! Synthesia is an AI video content creation platform that allows users to easily and quickly produce high-quality video content.


Big Knowledge Comes in Small Packages.

By partnering with Arist as a custom solutions partner, our ID whizzes at IDLance are able to collaborate with organizations just like yours to create customized learning solutions that align with your goals and objectives. One text at a time.


Microlearning, Macro Results.

Besides being one of their biggest fans, IDLance considers 7taps to be an indispensable tool when it comes to providing custom learning solutions to our clients. We are thrilled to be certified 7taps course providers!


The Ultimate Tag Team for Sourcing Talent.

We've been working in concert with our friends at Teamed to design and develop our brand-new IDLancer certification program! Along with Teamed, we're committed to making the hiring process as seamless and efficient as possible.


Think Bigger, Learn Better.

Thinkific is a top-tier platform for creating and delivering online courses, and they're just as passionate about education and instructional design as we are!

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