IDLance x Arist

IDLance is thrilled to be an Arist custom solutions partner!

About Arist

Arist is a leading provider of microlearning solutions for organizations looking to improve their learners' knowledge and skills-- one text message at a time! Their platform offers a wide range of bite-sized learning modules, each designed to help learners quickly grasp and apply new concepts.

Arist's focus on microlearning means that learners can fit training into their busy schedules and access relevant content at the moment of need. The platform's intuitive interface, combined with its use of gamification and interactivity, helps to keep learners engaged, entertained, and motivated. Continuous learning, on-demand, right in your pocket!

In text speak, they're the microlearning GOAT.

Arist's Stats Speak for Themselves:


learner satisfaction rate


lessons opened in 3 minutes


confidence lift in performing role

Big Knowledge Comes in Small Packages

Are you looking to enhance your L&D programs with engaging and effective learning solutions? Look no further than IDLance! Our expertise in microlearning content creation ensures that your learners receive targeted, bite-sized pieces of information that are easy to digest and retain. By partnering with Arist, our ID whizzes can collaborate with organizations just like yours to create customized learning solutions that align with your goals and objectives. With this exciting approach, you can expect to see increased learner engagement, improved knowledge retention, and big results! Take a look at some of IDLance's handiwork in collaboration with Arist below. Even the most complex topics can come in small packages!


A five-part SMS course centered on building trust with your customers. Learners were guided through concepts like strengthening workplace relationships, being transparent, and helping customers solve problems. We love sneaking humor into this laid-back, conversational method of learning!


Five lessons on building stronger customer relationships via authentic empathy, all delivered directly to learners via text message. Participants engaged with lessons on empathetic listening, how to display empathy in virtual meeting spaces, and even wrapped things up with an evaluation of their newly acquired skills!


A five-part microlearning masterclass in navigating difficult situations with confidence. Learners were taught how to ask difficult questions, how to start a tough conversation, and how to handle negative feedback. Through infographics, text, and evaluations, you can teach just about anything!


Participants in our five-lesson course, "Showing Up With a Growth Mindset" learned how their mindset affects their work and perspective, how to define success, and how to reframe threats as opportunities. Small lessons, big growth!


Learners participated in a three-part course on managing burnout and stress at work. This included techniques for spotting and treating burnout and maintaining employee motivation. Side note: boring old learning practices are no friend of burnt-out learners! Just sayin'.


A tight two-part SMS course on learning how to lead an agile team. Learners were guided through the four main pillars of agility with some real-life scenarios, infographics, and laughs along the way. Microlearning provides learners with the right info at the right time, enabling them to respond to changing circumstances and stay ahead of the curve!

A Case Study

Check out how Arist helped EY, one of the largest professional services networks in the world, support the next generation of social impact leaders and entrepreneurs.

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