Brag On.

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Sometimes It's OK to Brag.

Have you ever received a compliment that made your day, boosted your confidence, or validated all your hard work? We know those moments are more precious to you than the one true ring that Gollum guy went so nuts for. He was kinda cute right? We’d boop his nose! Introducing our FREE Brag Book - your very own space to capture and preserve every compliment, recognition, and praise you receive in your professional journey.

What's a Brag Book?

The Brag Book is a dedicated journal where you can jot down all the wonderful compliments and positive feedback you receive from colleagues, clients, mentors, and anyone else in your professional life. It's a celebration of your achievements, a testament to your skills, and a reminder of your growth.

Why Would I Do That?

  • Boost Your Confidence: Flipping through your Brag Book on challenging days can remind you of how capable, cool, and good-looking you are!
  • Track Your Progress: Sometimes it’s hard to see the forest for the trees. We never really understood that idiom, so hopefully we used it correctly there. Witness your journey unfold by seeing how far you've come from the first compliment to the most recent accolades.
  • Stay Motivated: Reading about your successes can serve as a powerful motivator to keep aiming higher and chasing your goals. But not too high! We don’t need an Icarus situation on our hands.

Don't Be Humble!

Not sure where to start with your brag book? Here are some genuine compliments from us to you to help kick things off!

The vibes we're picking up from you through the computer screen are positively vibrant and pure!

We can tell that you make a really great grilled cheese sandwich. You probabaly even use brioche bread. Fancy!

Pardon me, do you know how to get to the castle? Oh, sorry! We assumed you were actual royalty. Our bad!

You seem like the type of person that squirrels and chipmunks would be attracted to. You are inspiring.

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