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Two Lances

An IDLance Podcast

Welcome to "Between Two Lances!" Join our Co-Head Honchos, Andrea Dottling and Dr. Parker Grant, as they chat with freelance instructional designers, friends, fellow IDLancers, and other interesting human beings about all things instructional design and freelancedom.

In each episode, we have a casual but informative discussion with our guest on a wide array of topics including starting your own business, getting your sh*t together as a freelancer, industry trends, delicious snacks, and keeping your head above water in this sometimes hectic industry. It doesn't matter if you're just starting out or you're a seasoned pro, "Between Two Lances" has something for everyone interested in the world of learning and development. Plus, we have a lot of fun. We'd say it's 70% fun and 30% educational.

So, grab a delicious beverage, get cozy, and tune in! Don't forget to hit the subscribe button below to stay updated when new episodes drop! We're trying to outperform our dog's podcast, "Paws and Ponder," so you'd really be helping us out. She's thriving in the space.

Episode 1: Jac Hutchinson

Andrea talks with the President and Chief Learning Designer of E-Learning Pros, Jac Hutchinson. Technically, Andrea talked with her twice since the first recording was accidentally lost. Wanna know what their favorite curse words are? You'll have to listen to find out!

Episode 2: James Clark & Maurice Robinson

Andrea is joined by James Clark, Learning Technologist at Strategic Education, Inc, and Maurice Robinson, Instructional Technologist, for a chat about getting your start as a freelance instructional designer. You'll want to hear their responses to the question, "What are three things you wish you knew more about freelancing but don't know yet?"

Episode 3: Emily Stone

Andrea sits down with IDLancer and Founder/CEO of Empowered Bumps and Boobs, Emily Stone, for a casual conversation on their own experiences out in the world of freelancedom. Emily shares some great advice for instructional designers new to freelancing, from managing financials to working from home and beyond!

Episode 4: Tammy Knoll-Anderson

Andrea chats with Senior Instructional Designer and Co-Owner at MT Anderson Learning LLC Tammy Knoll-Anderson. She’s also a friend and IDLancer! You won't want to miss her words of wisdom on creating a clean and beautiful portfolio that really works!

Episode 5: Anne Parmeter

Parker takes a turn in the interview chair, sitting down with instructional designer and linguistics guru, Anne Parameter. You won't want to miss her advice on building an online presence, doing what you love, and building relationships that count!

Episode 6: Quinn Haslinger

Andrea sits down with our friend and super-ID, Quinn Haslinger. You won’t want to miss her chat with Andrea on the best and worst training experiences she’s ever experienced and how to scare a hawk away from your precious flock of baby chicks. Seriously, you may be surprised by the answer.

Episode 7: Dan Bernitt

Join Andrea and Dan Bernitt for a casual yet captivating conversation on instructional design, communication, and the visceral horrors of mint-flavored things. As an added bonus for listeners, you’ll finally find out how many teeth Andrea has in her mouth! That’s the IDLance difference.

Episode 8: Andrea Dottling & Parker Grant

IDLance Co-Head Honchos Andrea Dottling and Parker Grant sit down for a casual, one-on-one conversation on their brand new book, "Ditch Your Cubicle, Not Your Life: Become a Freelance Instructional Designer in 7 Months!"

Episode 9: Andrea Dottling & Craig McMichael

Andrea talks with IDLance Director of Client and Community Engagement, Craig McMichael! Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, Craig is a sports lover and a learning designer and strategist. He would love to connect with you to learn more about your needs and how IDLance can make your life a little bit easier.

IDLance Guest Spots

Sometimes we go on other podcasts, too.

When we're not recording "Between Two Lances," we like to make appearances on other podcasts! We simply can't get enough podcasting! We eat, sleep, and dream in podcasts. We're actually recording a podcast right now as you read this.

Use the dropdown menu to listen to IDLance Co-Head Honchos Parker Grant, Andrea Dottling, and sometimes both Parker Grant and Andrea Dottling chattin' it up on some of our favorite podcasts!

The iDeas Podcast

Andrea and Parker chat with host Tom McDowall on their shared adventures in the world of instructional design freelancing! An ideal listen for anyone just starting out in their ID freelie career.

That's Awesome ID!

Host Leslie Early welcomes Parker and Andrea onto her podcast to talk about breaking into the world of freelance instructional design. Prepare to feel motivated and maybe even walk away with a whole new mindset!

Intersections in Learning

Andrea chats solo with host Monique St. Paul about the learning intersections she experiences as an ID, learning technologist, recruiter, and community builder. You may be surprised by some of her answers! Geez, Andrea does a lot.

The Training, Learning, and Development Community: Courting a Client: From Project Start to BFF

Join Andrea and The Training, Learning, and Development Community founder Luis Malbas for an exploration of how to develop relationships with clients using your personality, sense of humor, and down-to-earth communication methods.

The Entrepreneurs’ Guild Podcast

Hosts Tom Fleury and Thom Stimpel welcome Parker to their podcast to talk all things entrepreneurship and IDLance. From his humble beginnings as a magician to a successful business owner, Parker shares how he got from point A to B--with style!


Parker joins host Luis Malbas to talk about how he got into the biz, where IDLance is headed, and how he stays on top of his own professional development.

Write Medicine

Parker sits down with host Alexandra Howson for an in-depth conversation on learning and development, concept mapping, mental models, and building rich learning experiences.

The Training, Learning, and Development Community: Niche Your Way to Freelance Success

It's Parker's turn to sit down with host Luis Malbas, founder of The Training, Learning, and Development Community, for a chat on niching your way to freelancer success! If you're trying to find that magical intersection between what you love and what you're good at, you'll want to listen to this one!

The Training, Learning, and Development Community: Community Showcase

Join Andrea and Parker for a casual conversation with host Luis Malbas on how IDLance started, what we're all about, and why our community means so dang much to us!

Podcasts We Love

All created by our brilliant IDLance Community Members!

"Be an Instructional Design Rockstar"

with Dr. Blair Stamper

Dr. Blair Stamper shares her own experiences with instructional design, best practices, and interviews with experts in the field. Rock on!

"Higher ID Podcast"

with Dr. Jess Zeitler and Christy J. Woods

Join IDLancer Christy J. Woods and Dr. Jess Zeitler for an exploration on all things ID and Higher Ed!

"Spilling the Milk"

with Emily Stone

Check out Emily Stone's (CEO of Empowered Bumps and Boobs) podcast on "the triumphs and tribulations of keeping tiny humans alive."

"Paws and Ponder"

with Dottie

Yes, she's our dog and yes, she made us put this here. We'll be honest, it's a great podcast.

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