Your ticket out of instructional design Dodge.


And by this we mean ditching your “cozy” cubicle, “private” glass-walled office, or “collaborative” open floor plan for freelance freedom. You could just quit your job tomorrow & say, “I’m a free bird now, dig it” as you tip your sunglasses at Monica in HR conducting your exit interview (who is really only thinking about whether she’ll get to Food Truck Friday in the parking lot before it ends. We feel you, Monica.).

You could do that. But please don't.

You need a plan. You need support.

We can help with that AND answer all those nagging questions you’ve been endlessly Googling, only to be faced with pages & pages of industry blogs & no definitive guidance.

Sign up & learn the heck out of ID business today.

Shoot your shot! YOLO, right? (OMG we just said YOLO *cringe*)

What is IDLance?

Well, we'll tell ya.

An ever-growing collection of self-paced modules full of practical guidance, handy templates, & emotional support (mental health matters, people!) for those looking to dive into the cool, refreshing waters of freelance instructional design. You’ll get step-by-step (ooh baby!) instructions for things you didn’t even know you needed them for.

Is IDLance your cup of tea?

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  • Are you a full time, salaried instructional designer looking to start their own full-time freelance business?

  • Are you an already working instructional designer trying to get some side gigs for extra income?

  • Are you drowning in the sea of experts and “thought leaders” on LinkedIn, unsure of who to follow and worried you’ll never “get to their level”?

  • Would you rather answer the question “Which 90s R&B song best describes your working style?” than be encouraged to write a daily self-reflection journal or attend yet another webinar?

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