We're all about supportin' freelance instructional designers and those who need them - in all kindsa ways!

Matchmaker, matchmaker, bring me a match... That's what we do!

Whether we're running the project ourselves or lending out amazing freelance IDs from our community to clients, we're all about the perfect match. We aim to know our members so well that finding the right one for each gig is a no-brainer. We also provide support to our freelance IDs in the form of down-to-earth curriculum, coaching, and a lil TLC.

IDLancers know we have their backs (Need a scratch? A little to the left? We gotchu!). 

Clients know that when they work with an IDLancer, they're tapping into something great with an organization that cares so much it keeps the success of IDs and clients at the forefront, cutting (dare we say 'lancing?) away all unnecessary hoopla that gets in the way.

No intimidation, no secrets, just IDLance love.

So, what'cha what'cha what'cha want?

Are you an aspiring freelance ID or are you looking for instructional design support?

  • Instructional Designers

    Sick of wading through LinkedIn experts and industry blogs for how to start your freelance instructional design career?

    The agony is over: let IDLance cut away the bullsh*t so you can 'lance a lot! We've been there, done that, got the t-shirt, washed out all the stains, and want to share our findings with you.

    Check it out!
  • Clients

    So you need quality instructional design at an affordable price, but don't have the time to vet through a million resumes - we can tap into our community of willing, able, and eager IDs.

    We'll steer the ship to port, or provide you seasoned sailors you need (AKA staff and run the project or lend you our peeps - sorry not sorry we love maritime metaphors!)

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