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Who doesn't love a freebie.


Who doesn't love a freebie.

Here, you'll find some of our best goodies, including checklists, templates, cheat sheets, and calculators--all designed to help you take your Instructional Design career to the next level! Did we mention that it's totally free?!

Browse our collection of freebies below, then simply click the button under the resource you want to download!

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The IDLance Client Handbook 2024

Wanna partner with IDLance? Dive into the official 2024 IDLance Handbook to learn who we are, what we do, and what we're all about!

The IDLance Freelancer's Handbook 2024

Ready to join the IDLance community? Take the first step by downloading our 2024 Handbook, your ultimate guide to the world of IDLance!

Trends Report 2024

Prepare your mind, body, and soul for a truly novel event. An unprecedented release. A once in a lifetime experience. Our L&D forecast for the year ahead features five must-know trends!

Our Book

"Ditch Your Cubicle, Not Your Life: Become a Freelance Instructional Designer in 7 Months” is the ultimate guide for instructional designers who want to embrace the sometimes intimidating world of freelancing.

Success Stories

We are so proud to be a small part of these amazing success stories, both from our clients and the community. Learn more about their experiences with IDLance and how we may be able to help you out as well!

Our Podcast: Between

Two Lances

Check out our podcast, "Between Two Lances," on all things ID and freelancedom! You can also listen to other podcasts Parker and Andrea have appeared on.

IDLancer's Digest

If you're tired of being constantly bombarded by the same old L&D snooze-letters in your inbox, give our bi-weekly newsletter a try instead. Never boring, only kinda annoying.

Round Table Talks

Cozy digital gatherings where we kick back and chat about the latest trends, challenges, and innovations in our field. Round Table Talks are all about sharing insights, learning from one another, and having a good time along the way.

"Out to Lunch" Webinar Series

Free, "lunch and learn" style webinars hosted by IDLance co-head honchos Parker and Andrea!

Our Top Favorite

ID Tools List

Our favorite tools--ya know, like software 'n' apps--in 8 unique ID categories!

The Freelancer's Cheat Sheet to Quitting Your 9-5

Use this cheat sheet to ditch your

9-5 in as little as seven months.

eLearning Pricing Calculator

Need some help pricing your next ID project? Use this handy dandy calculator to get the price right!

Find Your Niche

Cheat Sheet

A list of some key assessment questions to help you identify your niche or ID specialty!

A Quickstart Guide to Building Your Portfolio

Build your ID portfolio like a pro with the help of our quickstart guide! Featuring quick tips and FAQ's.


Template Guide

Learn how to network on LinkedIn the RIGHT way with FOUR totally free, totally foolproof templates.

The Brag Book

Have you ever received a compliment that made your day, boosted your confidence, or validated all your hard work? Record all your bragging rights in this fun lil' journal.

The In's and Out's

of Outsourcing

Learn why outsourcing eLearning development may be the right solution for you!

Client Proposal Template

Save time, impress clients, and increase your chances of winning projects with a well-crafted, one-page proposal designed specifically for instructional design projects!