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Make Yourself at Home.

TLDR: Wanna b friendz? Mom says you can come over for dinner sometime.

At IDLance, we are proud to have a thriving community of 800+ freelance instructional designers on our team. IDLancers are the backbone of our agency, and we value them immensely. They are talented, funny, warm, hard-working, and committed to delivering exceptional work. We believe in investing in the careers of our IDLancers, which is why we offer a range of resources to help you grow and develop your freelance career.

This includes The IDLancer Certification Program, free resources and newsletters, a podcast, webinars, and hands-on mentoring. We don't just talk the talk, either. We all freelance ourselves, so we deeply understand your struggles, triumphs, and near-constant need to have at least three beverage options going at once.

Our commitment to our IDLancers extends beyond their professional development. We foster a supportive and collaborative environment where instructional designers can connect, share ideas, blow off steam, and support one another. At IDLance, we believe that connections are at the heart of everything we do. We understand that the power of connection lies in our ability to learn, grow, and innovate together. By fostering meaningful and collaborative connections with our IDLancers, clients, and learners alike, we can achieve remarkable results together. Plus, we're forming a really strong coalition to combat the Zombie apocalypse. Just sayin'.

If you're interested in becoming an IDLancer, joining our Slack Community is the absolute best way to start. Click the button below to hang out with us on the interwebs.


It's your dream to leave the cubicle behind or start side-gigging as a freelance ID... but you're terrified. Meet Alex Mitts, IDLancer! He was once in the same exact spot you are right now.

Check out how IDLance and our awesome community helped kick-start Alex's freelance ID career. This guy seems to have great taste! Thanks, Alex!

Who Are We?

We are but a cosmic concoction of stardust, dreams, and an alarming amount of caffeine navigating the labyrinth of life one existential crisis at a time. Who are any of us, really?

Oh, you mean, like, who's behind IDLance? Got it. Our bad. IDLance was founded in 2020 by Co-Head Honchos Andrea Dottling and Dr. Parker Grant.

Andrea is a writer, instructional designer, technologist, consultant, drummer, artist, and reformed stand-up comedian. She’s been in the freelance game for nine years. She has a BA from NYU in History, Education, & Dramatic Lit, MA in Media Studies from The New School, and M.Ed. in Learning & Tech from Western Governors University. She loves Lifetime movies, drawing, Indian take-out leftovers, and the masterworks of screen legend Vincent D’Onofrio.

She is not an expert but has been in your shoes and wants your journey to freelancedom to be less tummy-churning than hers was.

Parker is an instructional designer, eLearning developer, cartoonist, former magician, and learning consultant. He worked for a Fortune 50 company for over 21 years as an engineer, trainer, instructional designer, and training manager before starting his own freelance consulting biz in 2008. He earned his M.S. in Educational Technology and a Ph.D. in Adult Learning, specializing in mental models and concept mapping. He loves doodling, running on the trails, and spending time with family and friends.

He is not an expert but believes in the power of paying it forward when it comes to the next generation of freelance IDs.

Parker and Andrea may be the Co-Head Honchos, but don't worry; they're not weird about it. We only gather once a day to sing a song of praise in honor of our resplendent leaders. Just kidding! It's only once a week, silly!

Should you join our community, you'll be surrounded by a warm and goofy group of goofballs from all walks of life, including other IDLance Team Members who are here to make your stay with us more comfortable and enriching. Warm towel, anyone?!

Are We a Match?

Not sure if things are gonna work out between us? We get that a lot. You know what they say, though: there's a lid for every pot. We just may be your lid. Or are we the pot? We're down for either scenario.

Take the little quiz over there to find out if we're destined to be together or if we're mortal enemies. Aw, fun!

If you're still not sure, send us a message or go on a trip to Italy to eat, pray, love about it. Take all the time you need.

We'll be right here.

Do Some Stuff

Yeesh, there's a lot of information on this page! Here are some tangible first steps.

Freelancer Handbook

Discover the IDLance difference! Dive into the official Freelancer's Handbook to learn who we are, what we do, and what we're all about! All in one spot. Fun!

Talent Pool

Jump in our talent pool to be considered for future gigs! Your resume will be carefully reviewed and stored in our database, ready for future project matching!

Free Resources

We've built an extensive library of free resources that are ready and waiting to be downloaded and loved by you! Templates, guides, calculators, you name it!


Check out The IDLancer Certification Program! It's a free, 12-week program designed to help you brush up on your client, ID, and business skills.