Out to Lunch

An IDLance Webinar Series

Join us for a bite-sized webinar and leave with a full plate of ideas!

Join us for a bite-sized webinar and leave with a full plate of ideas!

Did we mention that it's totally free?

Welcome to "Out to Lunch," IDLance's official "lunch and learn" style webinar series! Designed to fuel your brain and feed your appetite for L&D insights, this series was designed with both Learning and Development professionals and ID freelancers in mind, but heck-- anyone can come!

Of course, you may not get too much value out of this if you're a deep-sea fisherman but...hey, who are we to judge?!

Browse our collection of webinars below, then simply click the button under the episode you'd like to watch!

We recommend watching them all. Just sayin'.

Budget Busters: Strategies for Surviving Learning and Development Cutbacks

Dr. Parker Grant walks you through SIX budget busters every L&D professional facing cutbacks needs to know!

Courting a Client: From Project Start to BFF

Making initial contact with a new client can be intimidating! Andrea Dottling teaches you how to make a connection, be yourself, and be excited, but NOT be a hero.

Creating a Culture of Learning in the Workspace

Join Dr. Parker Grant as he provides practical tips and strategies for creating and sustaining a culture of learning in your workplace.

Juggling Act: Project Management for the Freelance Instructional Designer

Join Andrea Dottling to learn why it’s important to act as both ID and PM on your projects, common pain points you may face along the way, and effective strategies to take your PM game from "mild" to "extra spicy!”

ID Meets AI: The Future of Learning

Interested in integrating generative AI tools into your ID workflow? You're in the perfect place! Join Dr. Parker Grant for a casual chat on our favorite AI tools, the benefits of using AI, and some of the concerns too!

Got a topic you'd love to see us cover on a future episode? Don't be shy, tell us!

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