Outshine the Competition by Outsourcing to an eLearning Vendor!

Learn why outsourcing may be the perfect solution to all your L&D dilemmas and how IDLance can fill your training needs-- all in one handy dandy...did we mention totally FREE...guide!

Need a hand meeting your training goals and objectives? That's what we're all about!

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Check Out

What's Inside This Handy Dandy Guide!

Check Out

What's Inside This Handy Dandy Guide!

Hey, that rhymes.

The PROs

Discover the top six PROs-- ya know, the good stuff-- of outsourcing your eLearning development needs to a vendor!

The Prep

Check out eight crucial questions you should be prepared to answer for your eLearning vendor to guarantee your project's success!

The Partnership

Learn how IDLance can partner with your organization to meet your training needs, on time, on budget, no hassle!

There's no shame in the outsourcing game! The solution to your L&D dilemma is only one click away.

We all need a little help sometimes.