Do You Know

the Tools of

Your Trade?

Do You Know

the Tools of

Your Trade?

Are you a new instructional designer wondering where the HECK to start when it comes to the tools you need to succeed?

That's why we've put together this FREE list of our TOP FAVORITE ID TOOLS so you can stop wasting time on research and start making money NOW!

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This handy-dandy list includes our personal favorite ID tools across the following categories:

Rapid Authoring Tools

Graphics, Video, and Audio Editing

Project Management Tools

Everyday Tools

Learning Management Systems

Bizness Tools

Marketing Tools

Time Tracking Tools

Be the Sharpest Tool in the Box!

We've Done Our Homework, Tested 'Em Out, And Loved 'Em. Now We Want To Share Our List Of "IDLance Used And Approved" Tools With You!