Who's Behind

This Blog?

Hi there 👋 We're IDLance.

We're the peeps behind this blog but unfortunately, that's all we can say on that. The rest is divine and sacred knowledge that only official IDLance Blog Keepers possess. But we can tell you this...it's definitely not written by a dog. Just put that out of your mind right now! And don't ask any more questions about a dog writing this blog! Because it's not true. Ya hear us!?

ANYWAY, we keep this blog to provide ID freelancers, L&D enthusiasts, and eLearning entrepreneurs just like you informed (and hopefully entertained) on what's happenin' in this crazy biz of ours.

When we're not barking...we mean BLOGGING...we're busy supporting freelance instructional designers and those who need them - in all kindsa ways!

Who's Behind

This Blog?

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fun fact: our grandpa eats SPAM sandwiches. bleh!

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