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Welcome to "Paws and Ponder," the podcast where we take a moment to pause and reflect on what really matters in life, all while enjoying the simple pleasures of being a dog.

Join your host, Dottie, and her furry friends as they guide you on a journey of self-discovery, self-care, and self-love. In each episode, we'll explore different topics related to mental, physical, and emotional well-being, all through the lens of a dog's perspective.

From mindfulness and meditation to the joys of playtime and belly rubs, "Paws and Ponder" offers a fresh take on self-care that's both fun and practical. With Dottie leading the way, you'll learn how to embrace your inner pup and live your best life, one wag at a time.

So sit, stay, and tune in to "Paws and Ponder" for a dose of furry, feel-good wisdom that'll have you howling with joy.

"Dottie taught me that I have more to express than just my anal glands."


NPR, National Puppy Radio, calls "Paws and Ponder" a "seminal, sensational success" and "way way way way way better than that IDLance podcast 'Between Two Lances'." They added, "IDLance wishes they could have Dottie's joie de vivre. A very good girl."


  • Ep 1: Manifesting Snuggles
  • Ep 2: Healing Thunderstorm Trauma
  • Ep 3: Mastering the Bigggggg stretch!!!
  • Ep 4: Giving Yourself Permission to Scoot
  • Ep 5: Avoiding Bath Time for Beginners
  • Ep 6: So You've Peed the Carpet Again...
  • Ep 7: Find Your Bark: Harassing the Mailman
  • Ep 8: How to Stop Thinking About Squirrels
  • Ep 9: How to Deal With a WFH Parent
  • Ep 10: Chocolate: What does it taste like?
  • Ep 11: The Power of Eating Your Own Poop
  • Ep 12: Unleash Yourself, Unleash Your Potential
  • Ep 13: Coping with Zoomies Burnout
  • Ep 14: Cats bad
  • Ep 15: Juggling Play, Treats, Mom, and Naps
  • Ep 16: An Intimate Conversation with Friend of the Show, Gwyneth Paltrow

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Disclaimer: "Paws and Ponder" is not a real podcast, but let's be honest, it really should be. Haven't we humans hogged the podcast space long enough? Rest assured, Dottie is a very real, very happy rescue dog currently residing in New Jersey with her very mentally stable Mom. She loves watermelon, freshly-washed blankets, whipped cream, and peanut butter. She's a very good girl.

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