About Round Table Talks

Welcome to Round Table Talks, where we gather with our industry pals for a good old-fashioned chat on all things instructional design and eLearning. It's a cozy digital gathering where we kick back and chat about the latest trends, challenges, and innovations in our field. Round Table Talks are all about sharing insights, learning from one another, and having a good time along the way. No suits of armor or formalities are required.

Round Table Talks are entirely virtual and take place four times a year via LinkedIn Live. That means you can tune in from the comfort of your own castle!

Did you guys think we'd name our company IDLance and not lean hard into the medieval theming at some point? Come on now-- you know us too well for that! We can't resist a good theme. Disclaimer: In the Kingdom of IDLance, knights of the Round Table have no gender, and all are welcome. We've even knighted a few tech-savvy squirrels before. They're very chivalrous critters!

Ye Olde Round Table Replays

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